Types and characteristics motors continues

There are 5 types that are classified according to the type of connection from their fields as shown below:
Motor permanent magnet: the fixed magnet is located in the stator and rotor winding. It features low power, speed variation and can easily be used as low cost tachometers.
Series field motor are engines that have a vigorous start, whose current value is high. And an electric motor which tends to increase the rotation and therefore should not run without load.
Parallel field motor (shunt): field coils are connected in parallel with the armature. The conductor cross-section generally varies with the engine power. The operation of this electric motor should be started without a load is full.
Independent excitation motor: as its coils are connected independently, this engine has a full speed control with constant torque for any load value.
Motor compound (compound): has a strong and stable startup speed even if the load varies, although it may break under load and the type of model may be added or differential.

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Working with electric motors

The first step to learn how to work with electric motors is to make a course within that area. Worth working in this area that has several segments that these engines are deployed, and there were many opportunities for qualified professionals in the business.

Nowadays many companies are hiring professionals working with electric motors, because it is being increasingly common to the implementation of the same in various segments, processes and equipment that need the electric motor in order to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. mro product 175311 leeson

To achieve this result a professional is needed who can operate these engines. If you want to specialize in this segment, be sure to look institutions that offer training and courses in these areas. You will surely find several employment opportunities. The courses can be taken by both the internet as well as in person, and this last option is better because it has more technical practices.

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